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Children Social Welfare and Health

Children, Social Welfare, and Health (CSWH) facilitates broad cross-cutting research topics regarding children in high-risk environments, along with issues related to social welfare, which includes gender studies and public health. We are focusing on the needs of vulnerable people during the unfortunate conditions. Several research topics within the cluster that relates to children include education in emergency, safe school, child protection, child-friendly cities, early childhood development, children and climate change. We also promote gender mainstreaming, youth, and women empowerment. On the other hand, we do care about the issue of refugees, migration, internally displaced persons due to disaster.

The most recent research of the CSWH cluster is a comprehensive safe school project, funded by UNICEF (2020). In parallel with that, CSWH cluster has a project Urban Refugee (UREF), funded by Sasakawa Peace Foundation, entitled: “Documenting Refugee Management in Transitory Context: Lessons-learned from Indonesian Cities”. This cluster is chaired by Elisabeth Rianawati M Eng. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Rizkita Mardea.
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2018 (2)
  • In dialogue with the Grassroots: Advocating for the Role of Women in Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism in Indonesia |2018| Download
  • Navigating the infinite timeline: Social integration of refugees in long-term transit |2018| Download
2017 (2)
  • Identifying Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Efforts for Children into the West Java Development Planning |2017| Download
  • Does Social Protection on Education increase the Capacity of Community in Facing Disaster |2017| Download
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    ITB Research Grant (2017)
  • Impacts of Climate Change to Children with Case Studies in West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2016)
  • Mid Term Review Country Strategic Plan
    Plan International Indonesia (2015)
  • Situational Analysis of Disaster and Climate Change Risks Impact to Children in West Java
    Save the Children (2015)