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Disaster and Climate Resilience

Disaster and Climate Resilience (DCR) revolves around disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. DCR focuses on how communities can be more resilient, equipped with disaster preparedness and recovery plans. Until today, our DCR cluster has covered topics on the social, economic, cultural aspects, and the management of internally displaced persons due to disaster. In conducting research, the DCR cluster collaborates with various institutions, both from within and outside the country. At present, the DCR team is involved in nature-based research solutions together with universities in the South East Asia region, such as the University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus), Monash University Malaysia and Center for Disaster Preparedness Philippines and also Univ of Philippines, Diliman.. In addition, DCR is also conducting research related to socio-economic resilience for the Palu tsunami case along with Coventry University, funded by British Academy. Previously, the DCR cluster also carried out research in the field of disaster risk financing, which is a topic being developed by the Indonesian government. Other than research, the DCR team is also actively consulting for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Oxfam, Save the Children, etc. This cluster is chaired by Dr. Saut Sagala. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Jeeten Kumar, Amesta Kartika & Danang Azhari.
2019 (5)
  • Insurance For Low-Income Families as an Earthquake Risk Financing Instrument |2019| Download
  • What`s in a name? “Smong” and the sustaining of risk communication and DRR behaviours as evocation fades |2019| Download
  • Migrant Preparedness from Earthquake Hazard in Bandung City |2019| Download
  • When Does Instituonalization Mean Ngonization? Sustaining Climate Risk Governance in Secondary Cities |2019| Download
  • Sinabung Volcano: How Culture Shapes Community Resilience |2019| Download
2018 (2)
  • Mt Sinabung and the Karo: How Cultural Aspects Shape Resilience |2018| Download
  • The Potential for Analysing How Small-Scale Farmers Choose Burning as a Land Clearing Strategy in South Sumatra |2018| Download
2017 (3)
  • Forest Fire Policy Impact to Traditional Land Clearing in Ogan Komering Ilir District, South Sumatera Province, Indonesia |2017| Download
  • The Role of Community Based Organization in Disaster Response in Mt. Sinabung |2017| Download
  • The Role of Post Disaster Needs Assessments in adressing vulnerability of Internally Displaced Persons in the Post Disaster Recovery Process |2017| Download
2016 (9)
  • Measurement and evidence: whose resilience for whom? |2016| Download
  • The Impact of Major Geological Hazards to Resilience Community in Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Disaster Preparedness of Star Hotels to Coastal Hazard in Sanur Bali |2016| Download
  • Internal Displaced Person Research Progress in Indonesia: a Review |2016| Download
  • Mitigation Scenarios For Residential Fires In Densely Populated Urban Settlements In Sukahaji Village, Bandung City |2016| Download
  • Children Vulnerability And Capacity Toward Climate Change Impact In West Java Province, Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Adaptive Social Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Community Resilience: Evidence from Rural Areas in Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Policy Changes and Flood Risk Governance in Greater Jakarta |2016| Download
  • Promoting Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Community to Climate Change: From Individuals to Collective Efforts |2016| Download
2015 (17)
  • Farmers Adaptation in dealing with the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Sector Case Study Indramayu District, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Understanding Multi-hazard Disasters Impact to Local Communities in West Java, Indonesia: Case Study: Social Recovery Process in Pangalengan Community |2015| Download
  • Vulnerability Of Community On Water Supply And Sanitation Under Climate-Related Disasters In Urban Coastal Area: A Case Study Of Semarang City, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Local Responses to Climate Change: A Geographical and Institutional Multilevel Governance Issue in two Indonesian Municipalities |2015| Download
  • Fostering Community Preparedness to Wildfire: Experiences from Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Risk Management of Gedung Sate as a Cultural Heritage |2015| Download
  • Enhancing Community Awareness towards Potential earthquake of Lembang Fault: Lessons Learned from Kathmandu Valley Earthquake |2015| Download
  • The Disaster Impacts on Children Welfare in West Java Province, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • From Preparedness to Resilience: Assessing Household Risk Mitigation to Flooding in Lowland Area of Palembang |2015| Download
  • Strengthening Community Resilience from Spatial Plan Perspective |2015| Download
  • Strengthening Community Resilience from Spatial Plan Perspective |2015| Download
  • Do Disasters Create Opportunities for Change towards Sustainability? Initial evidence from Aceh, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Review of Community Based Wildfire Management in Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Disaster Impacts and Children Welfare in West Java Province, Indonesia |2015| Download
  • Enhancing Community Awareness towards Potential Earthquake of Lembang Fault in comparison to Kathmandu Valley |2015| Download
  • Disaster Preparedness of Star Hotels to Coastal Hazards: Case Study of Sanur, Bali |2015| Download
  • Assessing Household Risk Mitigation to Flooding in Lowland Area of Palembang |2015| Download
2014 (24)
  • Wildfire Community Preparedness |2014| Download
  • Spatial Model of Wetland Use Change and Flood Occurrence in Residential Areas |2014| Download
  • Household Adaptive Capacity to Flood in Palembang |2014| Download
  • Green Infrastructure Implementation in Flood Mitigation Context (Case Study: Flood Canals in Semarang) |2014| Download
  • Networks and roles as Strategies for Increasing Remittance Use for Climate Change Adaptation (case study: Indramayu City) |2014| Download
  • Risk Management of Gedung Sate as a Cultural Heritage, Proceeding of International Training Course |2014| Download
  • Promoting Sister City Concept for Urban Resilience and Sustainability: Case Studies of Jakarta and Bandung |2014| Download
  • Gap Intervention In Regional Regulations Regarding The Prevention Of Tsunami Hazard In Tourism-Oriented Developed Area |2014| Download
  • Can municipal biophore program reduce the urban floods? Case study: Bandung City |2014| Download
  • Post-disaster Housing Reconstruction in Indonesia: Review and Lessons from Aceh (2004), Yogyakarta (2006), West Java (2009) and West Sumatra (2009) Earthquakes |2014| Download
  • Behavior & Preparedness related to Urban Fire among High Density Settlement Residents in Bandung City (Perilaku dan Kesiapsiagaan terkait Kebakaran pada Penghuni Permukiman Padat Kota Bandung) |2014| Download
  • Fisherman Adaptation Strategy to Environmental Change Impact |2014| Download
  • Spatial Relationship Between Land Use Change and Flood Occurrences in Urban Area of Palembang |2014| Download
  • Kesiapan dan Tatakelola Institusi Daerah terhadap Ancaman Perubahan Iklim |2014| Download
  • Pengelolaan Resiko Bencana Melalui Kerjasama Lintas Batas Negara |2014| Download
  • Penilaian Dampak Bencana Alam Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Wilayah Jangka Pendek (Studi Kasus: Provinsi Sumatera Barat Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi Tahun 2009) |2014| Download
  • Social Protection Roles in Reducing Risk and Building Resilience to Communities in Indonesia |2014| Download
  • Communal Based Flood Mitigation Measures in Bandung City |2014| Download
  • Livelihood Adjustments to Climate Changes and Foreign Migrant Worker |2014| Download
  • Opportunity for Sister City Application to Support Resilience City |2014| Download
  • Integrasi Rehabilitasi Sosio-Ekonomi Penduduk Setelah Gunung Merapi Tahun 2010 terhadap Perencanaan Pemulihan |2014| Download
  • Tindakan Penyesuaian Petani Terhadap Dampak Perubahan Iklim. Studi Kasus Kabupaten Indramayu |2014| Download
  • Adaptasi Non Struktural Penduduk Penghuni Permukiman Padat terhadap Bencana Banjir: Studi Kasus Kecamatan Baleendah, Kabupaten Bandung |2014| Download
  • Proposed Concept of Flood Green Infrastructure for Semarang City |2014| Download
2013 (14)
  • Exploring Social Capital Role to Restore Community Resilience after West Java Earthquake: Case Study Pangalengan District, Bandung Region, West Java |2013| Download
  • Assessing Community View of Potential Risk: Risk Perception of Plausible Earthquake in Lembang Fault, West Java |2013| Download
  • Assessing Community Socio-Economic Rehabilitation in Post Disaster Recovery: Case Study of Mount Merapi |2013| Download
  • Networks and Roles in Development of Volcano Based-Tourism (Case Study: Merapi Volcano Tour) |2013| Download
  • Fishermen Adaptation by using of Technology to deal with Climate Change Impacts |2013| Download
  • Alih Fungsi Lahan Rawa dan Kebijakan Pengurangan Risiko Bencana Banjir: Studi Kasus Kota Palembang |2013| Download
  • Understanding preparedness for natural hazards: Cross cultural comparison, Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management |2013| Download
  • Spatial Analysis of Open Space Availability for Evacuation after Earthquake Aftershock in Densed Settlements (Analisis Spasial Ketersediaan Ruang Terbuka Publik pada Permukiman Padat untuk Evakuasi pa |2013| Download
  • Community Preparedness to Debris Flow in Mt. Merapi (Kesiapsiagaan Masyarakat terhadap Bahaya Lahar Dingin Gunung Merapi) |2013| Download
  • Housing Reconstruction Management of Post West Java Earthquake in Bandung District, West Java (Manajemen Rekonstruksi Perumahan Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi Jawa Barat: Studi Kasus Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa |2013| Download
  • Actor`s Interaction in Housing Reconstruction of Post West Java Earthquake 2009 (Interaksi Aktor dalam Rekonstruksi Rumah Pasca Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat 2009) |2013| Download
  • Analisis Upaya Pencegahan Bencana Kebakaran di Permukiman Padat Perkotaan Kota Bandung, Studi Kasus Kelurahan Sukahaji |2013| Download
  • Importance of Community Preparedness to Wildfire in Indonesia |2013| Download
  • Kesiapan Fisik Rumah Masyarakat terhadap Potensi Gempa Bumi di Lembang, Jawa Barat |2013| Download
Related Research
  • Evaluation of “Smart Indonesia” Program’s Role (Program Indonesia Pintar) on youth resilience in facing disaster potency and social problem in Cianjur District
    ITB Research Grant (2017)
  • Impacts of Climate Change to Children with Case Studies in West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2016)
  • The role of culture in facilitating disaster-resilient communities: A mixed-method investigation of the community surrounding Mount Sinabung, Indonesia
    PUMP-PRIME RESEARCH GRANT SCHEME 2015-16, Coventry University (2016)
  • Fostering Community Resilience in Indonesia
    Indonesia Institure of Science (LIPI) (2016)
  • Economics of Disaster in Decentralized Indonesia
    ITB Research Grant (2016)
  • Vulnerability of Community to Water Resources in Semarang on Climate Change Related Factors
    ITB Research Grant (2015)
  • Economic Resilience of Tourism Sector in Disaster Prone Area, Case Study of Cipanas Tourism, Mt. Guntur, Garut, West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2015)
  • Community Service to Flood Prone Community in Baleendah, Bandung District, West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2015)
  • Mid Term Review Country Strategic Plan
    Plan International Indonesia (2015)
  • Situational Analysis of Disaster and Climate Change Risks Impact to Children in West Java
    Save the Children (2015)
  • Competitive Proposal Writing Workshop
    Author AID (2015)
  • Conceptual Development of Natural and Climate Change Impact to Build Community Resilience in Indonesia
    Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) (2015)
  • Strengthening Communication for Community Preparedness on Flood Threat at Citarum River Basin. (Penguatan komunikasi kesiapsiagaan masyarakat terhadap ancaman bencana banjir di DAS Citarum)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Mainstreaming Disaster Preparedness Content on Village Development Process (Pengarusutaman Komponen Kesiapsiagaan Bencana dalam Proses Pembangunan Desa Sukamanah, Kecamatan Pangalengan)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Formulation of Community Adaptive Capacity Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Semarang. (Perumusan Kerangka Kapasitas Adaptif Masyarakat terhadap Perubahan Iklim di Kawasan Pesisir Kota Semarang)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Spatial Model of Wetlands Change and Increasing of Flood Events in Urban Area of Palembang. (Model Spasial Perubahan Alih Fungsi Lahan Basah dan Peningkatan Kejadian Bencana Banjir di Wilayah Perkotaan Palembang)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Assessment of Community Understanding on Tsunami Evacuation Plan in Sanur, Denpasar (Penilaian Pemahaman Masyarakat terhadap Rencana Evakuasi Tsunami di Sanur)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Local Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction (Kearifan Lokal Dalam Pengurangan Risiko Bencana, studi kasus Gempa Bumi Sumatera Barat dan Jawa Barat serta Erupsi Gunung Merapi Yogyakarta).
    ITB Research Grant (2014)