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Amesta Kartika Ramadhani


Academic Program Officer


Disaster & Climate Resilience (DCR)



Amesta Ramadhani, S.T., M.PWK is an Academic Program Officer and researcher in Resilience Development Initiative (RDI), Bandung, Indonesia. Amesta dedicates her research projects on the topic of disaster and climate resilience, such as nature- based solutions, green infrastructure, coastal resilience and early warning systems. She also has interests in the topic of cultural heritage management. She is in charge with the whole activity in Resilience Development Initiative related to academic: publication (journals & working papers), methodology development and capacity building (internal seminar, training, academic induction, etc). On his assignment and missions in RDI, she has been actively engaged with international key scholars on disaster risk management and visits to various places prone to disasters in Indonesia, among others: Palu (Central Sulawesi), Banten, Sinabung (Karo), Semarang City, etc.

Research Interest

Disaster management, climate change adaptation, cultural heritage.

Year Experience

Master of Urban and Regional Planning., of Urban and Regional Planning Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.


Bachelor of Engineering, of Urban and Regional Planning Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia.

Working Experience
Year Experience

Academic Program Officer in Resilience Development Initiative, Bandung Indonesia.


Consultant. Central Sulawesi Emergency Response Program Partnership Model Review (Management Audit). Team lead: Dr. Saut Sagala. Oxfam.


Researcher. South East Asia Resilience Hub (SEARCH): Socio-Economic Resilience of Coastal Communities. Resilience Development Initiative and Coventry University (UK). Team Lead Dr. Saut Sagala. Funding Source: British Academy.


Researcher. Urban Stakeholder Acceptance Behavior of Infiltration Well and Rainwater Harvesting System as Runoff Water Management in Bandung City. Funding Source: Kurita Award, Japan. PI: Elisabeth Rianawati, M. Eng


Researcher. International Workshop on Volcanic Ash Hazard Management collaboration of Durham University, Resilience Development Initiative and North Sumatra University


Coordinator. Field Visit to Sinabung Volcano, Karo District, North Sumatra, participants from Durham University, Resilience Development Initiative and North Sumatra University, BNPB, BPBD, etc.


Researcher. Nature-based Solutions for Urban Disaster Mitigation in Middle-Income Countries, PI: Dr. Miguel Kanai, Frontiers Development, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK.Funding Source: Royal Academy Engineering UK.


Researcher. Urban Hydrometeorological Disaster Risk Reduction with Nature-based Solutions with case studies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan, Resilience Development Initiative, with partners: University of Nottingham in Malaysia, Monash University in Malaysia, Center for Disaster Preparedness in Philippines and Saitama University in Japan. Funding Source: JASTIP Japan.


Team Member. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Regional Spatial Planning in Pandeglang District, Banten Province. ITB Community Service. PI. Dr. Djoko Suroso.


Team Member. Improvement of Tourism Actor's Preparedness in Facing Tsunami Disasters in Pandeglang District, Banten Province. ITB Community Service PI: Prof. Arief Rosyidie.


Consultant. Endline Study of Gender and Inclusion and Project Evaluation of Urban Resilience Program. Plan International. PI: Dr. Ayu Krishna.


Team Member. Baseline Study of Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response (CENTRE).


Project Assistance. Harmonization of Infrastructure Investment Regulations in the PUPR Sector.


Project Assistance (freelance). Ponorogo Regency Industrial Estate Master Plan.


Research Assistance (freelance). The Model of Empowerment of Sustainable Social Infrastructure Procurement on the Neighborhood Unit Scale towards Child-Friendly Surakarta.

Publication & Presentation

  • Proceeding. Water in the Highland: Perception of Urban Dwellers to Flooding in Bandung City. Workshop on Water and the City. 2020. Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore (ARI-NUS)
  • The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on urban health in Indonesia and how urban planning can contribute to this problem (in preparation). Lead author. Dr. Saut Sagala
  • Identification Social-Cultural Factors Affecting Disruption of Tsunami Early Warning Systems in Sunda Strait Area (in preparation). Lead author.
  • Presenter. International Symposium on the Lessons Learnt from the 2018 Tsunamis in Palu and Sunda Strait. BMKG, Jakarta. 2019
  • Module for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Regional Spatial Planning. With. Dr. Djoko Suroso, Dr. Saut Sagala and Khairani Mardiah BSc.
  • Flood Disaster Risk Assessment in the Semarang Old City as Cultural Heritage Site. Thesis. (2019). Regional and City Planning, Bandung Institute of Technology.
  • Readiness Study on the Implementation of Creative City Design Concepts in Surakarta, Jurnal Arsitektura, Surakarta (2015)
  • Conformity of Education Infrastructure in Supporting Surakarta as Child-Friendly City, Geoplanning, Semarang (2015)

Other Experiences

  • Facilitator. Community Action Planning in Bandung – View From the Frontline. 2019
  • Presenter. International Symposium on the Lessons Learnt from the 2018 Tsunamis in Palu and Sunda Strait. 2019
  • Organizer. FGD on Capacity Building and Synergy in Disaster Insurance Management. 2019
  • Participant. ASEAN Safe School Initiatives. Education in Emergency. 2019
  • Participant. Disaster Safe Education Unit at the ASEAN Provincial Level Safe School Initiatives
  • Participant. Symposium of Strategic Research on Global Mitigation and Local Adaptation to Climate Change. Bandung. 2018
  • Participant. Geoseminar Lembang Fault: Facts and Reality. 2018
  • Participant. Regional Planning Based on Disaster Mitigation. Surakarta (2014)