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Research Interest

Sustainability, disaster-related fields and urban planning model.

Indah Cahyaning Sari
Research Officer

Cluster : DCR


An Urban and Regional Planning Graduate who was motivated to develop ability and adapt to new environments constantly. Actively contribute as a Research Officer on Resilience Development Initiative (RDI). As a person who thrives on hard work, Indah is a data-driven analyst who grows her research enthusiasm in regard to the urban environment, and its dynamics. Her academic track-record on disaster related fields brings her involved in projects under the Disaster and Climate Resilience (DCR) cluster. She values learning from others, as well as being open to the topic considered a whole new, including ASEAN policy and forestry resilience.

Education Timeline

  • 2020 Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science

    University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

  • 2014 – 2020 Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

    Brawijaya University, Indonesia.

Working Experiences Timeline

  • February 2021 - Present Research Officer

    Resilience Development Initiative Bandung Indonesia.

  • February - March 2021 Research Intern

    Resilience Development Initiative Bandung Indonesia.

  • Aug 2019 - Jan 2020 Junior Planning Consultant

    CV. Inspire Consulting.

  • Jun 2018 - Aug 2020 Junior Planning Consultant

    PT. Berkah Wisata Nusantara.

  • Aug 2018 - Dec 2019 Research Assistant

    Center for Study of Geoscience and Hazard Mitigation.

  • Mar 2016 - Jan 2021 Urban Planning Drafter

    Urban and Regional Planning Department, Brawijaya University.

Academic Experiences Timeline

  • 2019 Presenter

    The 3rd International Conference on Rural Development and Community Empowerment | Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia

  • 2018 Presenter/Speaker

    The National Seminar of Indonesian Planner School Association (ASPI) IPB International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia.

  • 2017 Rural Planning Studio Teaching Assistant

    Regional Development and Public Policy (RDPP) Laboratory, Urban and Regional Planning Department, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia.

Journal & Proceeding


Geographic Information System and Weighting Technique for Tsunami Risk Assessment in Coastal Villages of Jember Regency, Indonesia.
Disaster Advances Journal (Environmental Science) Vol. 14 (8) August (2021)
Author : Indah Cahyaning Sari, Fadly Usman, Keisuke Murakami, I. Nyoman Suluh Wijaya

Comparative Study of Healthy City Concept with The Exposure Level of Covid-19 pandemic in Malang City, Indonesia.
This paper will be published on Asia Future Conference Proceeding.
Author : Yunita Ratih Wijayanti., Indah Cahyaning Sari

Evacuation Road, Shelter Plan and Preparedness for Tsunami Disaster Mitigation in Watulimo District, Trenggalek Regency, Indonesia
Disaster Advances Journal (Environmental Science) Vol. 13 (4) April (2020)
Author : Fadly Usman, Ruslin M. A., Keisuke Murakami, Fadhilatus S., Indah Cahyaning Sari

Development of Agricultural Areas Through Potential Commodities and Social Capital in Ngabab Village, Pujon District
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Rural Development and Community Empowerment, No ISSN: 2502-1478 Vol. 1 No. 3
Author : Indah Cahyaning Sari, Baroroh Nur Jihad, Rhisma Lisha Novianti

Determining the Location of Shelters for Tsunami Evacuation Based on Service Area Analysis in Paseban Village, Kencong District, Jember Regency
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 328 (2019) 012039
Author : Fadly Usman and Indah Cahyaning Sari

Information and Communication Technology in Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Related to Evacuation
Disaster Advances Journal (Environmental Science) Vol. 12 (3) March (2019)
Author : Fadly Usman, Keisuke Murakami, Chikashi Deguchi, Indah Cahyaning

Sustainability Planning of Agropolitan Area in Hortipark Tastura Central Lombok Regency
Proceeding of Indonesian Planning School Association E-ISBN:978-602-72009-3-7)
Author : Indah Cahyaning Sari, Nurul Falah Pakaya, Bunga Adelia



Strategi Mitigasi Bencana Tsunami di Kawasan Pesisir Pulau Jawa Penulis : Septiana Hariyanti, Fadly Usman, Eddi Basuki K., M. Rozikin, Fadhilatus S., Indah Cahyaning Sari Penerbit IKAPI No. 237/JTI/2019 ISBN:978-623-7365-13-6) CV Penerbit Qiara Media | Link :



Transboundary Haze Pollution in Southeast Asia: Effect and Forest Fire Management in Indonesia
Author: Tifany Khalisa Rinaldy, Indah Cahyaning Sari Published on RDI’s website : RDI Op-Ed, No. 9 (DCR-1) 20211013

Disability and Disaster in Indonesia
Author: Salsabila Syakura, Indah Cahyaning Sari, Dana Azhari Published on RDI’s website : RDI Op-Ed, No. 4 (DCR) 20210702


Department of Research and Scientific in Student Association of Regional & Urban Planning University of Brawijaya.

The Ministry of Social and Society in Student Executive Organisation University of Brawijaya.

Volunteer Activities


Village Development Project (Role : Coordinator for Agricultural Product Management Division).

Difabel Care (Role : Treasurer).

Community Development for Malang Street Children (Role : Teaching Division).

Among Nature (Role : Fundraising Division).

Fundraising Division (Role : Teaching Division).

Year Experience

GIS Solution For Planning & Land Management Webinar | ESRI Indonesia


The Role of Geospatial Technology in Regional Planning and Development Webinar | URGSI Indonesia


Geographic Information System (Advance) Training | ESRI Indonesia


National Seminar "Creating Resilient Cities For Massive Development" | Hasanudin University


Skill-Based Disaster Management Volunteer Capacity Building Training (GIS / Mapping) | BNPB Indonesia


Workshop on Rural Planning “Ecotourism In Sustainable Development” | RDPP PWK FT-UB


3rd International Conference Planning in The Era of Uncertainity : Sustainable Nation | PWK FT-UB


2nd International Conference Planning in The Era of Uncertainity : Sustainable Development| PWK

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1st Winner of Writing Scientific and Maket Competition Urban Care University of Hasanudin (Theme : Resilient City).

1st Winner of Student Scientific Writing Competition RKIM CUP University of Brawijaya (Theme : Sustainable Development Goals).

Finalist of Student Scientific Writing Competition Dipocition University of Diponegoro (Theme : City Branding).

Semifinalist In The National Paper Competition of PRISMA University of Mataram (Theme : Regional Potential Development).

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