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Khairani Mardhiah
Former Staff

Cluster : WWM


Research Interest

Environmental Planning, Regional Development, Economic Development, and the Provision and Construction of Infrastructure and Housing.



Khairani Mardhiah is a researcher and also Grant Officer at Resilience Development Initiative (RDI), a research think tank based in Bandung, Indonesia. Her interests are on spatial analysis, urban planning, urban and regional development, infrastructure planning and also disaster management. As her background in Urban and Regional Planning, she has good ability to operate GIS (Geographical Information System), analyze statistical data using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) and conduct stakeholder relations and networking analysis. Khairani is also interested in environmental management, sustainable development issues and also very passionate on her research, self discipline and a team player.

Education Timeline

  • 2014-2018 Bachelor of Engineering

    Urban and Regional Planning, Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Working Experiences Timeline

  • 2020 - Now Grant Officer and Researcher

    Resilience Development Initiative.

  • 2019 Resilience Development Initiative.

    Resilience Development Initiative.

  • 2017 Planning Assistant

    Regional Planning and Development Agency of Padang City (West Sumatera)/ Bappeda Kota Padang.

Year Experience

Junior Researcher for the project “Disaster Mitigation-based Spatial”, funded by ITB Community Service Grant (PM – ITB). On this project, she prepared the tools, scientific module, supervise interns and prepared presentations.


Junior Researcher for the project “Disaster Mitigation of Tourism Stakeholders”, funded by ITB Community Service Grant (PM – ITB). On this project, she prepared the tools, scientific module, supervise interns and prepared presentations.


Research Assistant for the project “Socio-Economic and Environmental Factors Influence on Sustainability of Waste Biodigester in Bandung”, funded by IFS. On this project, she coordinated the preparation of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), conduct interviews with the communities and also discussions with government officials on environmental issues (Department of Environmental and Cleanliness of Bandung City).


Research Assistant and Ur-scape Trainer for Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) Project, funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). On this project, she coordinated the preparation of Gender-related data acquisition from the local municipalities and other sources, Geospatial-base data convert and management through Ur-scape tool, organising local engagement workshops on gender-related planning issues and the possible planning scenarios with city stakeholders and conducting Ur-scape training in Bandung.


2019, currently preparing a manuscript on Sport City and Urban Planning and Development Research, with a case study of Palembang City to be submitted to Habitat International.

Year Experience
December 2019

National Workshop 2019 – Cleand and Affordable Renewable Energy for Sustainable Rural and Remote Areas through Microgrids

September 2019

International Symposium on the Lessons Learnt from the 2018 Tsunamis in Palu and Sunda Strait

September 2017

West Java Development Conference III (60 th Anniversary of Padjadjaran University) – Synergy Unpad and West Java for Indonesia of HMP Pangripta Loka ITB 2016/2017

April 2019

Seminar Staff of RDI


Member of ITB Protocol Team

Member of Urban and Regional Planning Student Association/ Himpunan

Member of Student Welfare Cooperative (Kokesma), ITB

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