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Jeeten Kumar


Program Manager


Disaster & Climate Resilience (DCR)



Jeeten Kumar is the Program Manager for Resilience Development Initiative and transportation research assistant for the Parahyangan Catholic University Transportation Department. He earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Parahyangan Catholic University. He has experience in conducting research regarding travel behavior, disaster resilience, and renewable energy. He is well versed with various types of quantitative analysis and has recently conducted more qualitative analysis. His research interests are in transportation, disaster risk management, energy transitions, and low carbon development.

Research Interest

Urban Planning, Sustainable Transportation, and Community Empowerment.

Year Experience

Bachelor of Engineering, in Civil Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung, Indonesia.

Working Experience
Year Experience

Program Manager at Resilience Development Initiative


Deputy Program Manager at Resilience Development Initiative


Program Officer at Resilience Development Initiative


Research Assistant, Parahyangan Catholic University


Road Surveyor, Public Works Department in Raja Ampat, Papua

    • Sagala, S., Chairiah, N., Kumar, J., Ramadhani, A., Sullivan, G. (2020) Social Dynamics and Multi hazards exposures around Lembang Fault, West Java. (In writing)
    • Sagala, S., Kumar, J., Ramadhani, A., Azhari, D. (2020). Achieving Community Based Disaster Preparedness for Multi-Hazard Disaster in Bandung City. Presented at ICBR Conference 2019.
    • Prilandita, N., Sagala, Saut., Arsanti, T. R., Kumar, J. (2019) The Stakeholders’ Role in Sustaining the Renewable Energy System in Sumba Island. Proceeding of 55 th ISOCARP Congress.
    • Sullivan, T., Sagala, Saut., Kumar, J. (2019) Migrant Preparedness from Earthquake Hazard in Bandung City. RDI Working Paper Series 2019 (Published).
    • Kumar, J., Tarigan, A.K.M., Sagala, S. (2018) Online Transportation Perspective and Usage. RDI Working Paper Series 2018. (draft)
    • Kumar, J. (2018) User Characteristics of Ridesourcing Usage in Bandung. Bachelor Thesis, Universitas Parahyangan.
Research Projects
    • 2019 – Community Resilience and Government Advocacy Specialist, “A Techno-Socio-Economic Study on Fog-to-Water (FtW) Solution for Extreme Climate Stricken Community – Sumba Island, Indonesia” in collaboration with HWU University Malaysia, HWU University Dubai, University of Indonesia, and Hivos Indonesia. Pump Prime Projects, Global Challenges Research Fund.
    • 2019 – Research Assistant, “Socio Economic Resilience Hub (SEARCH): Socio-Economic Resilience of Coastal Communities” in collaboration with Coventry University. Academy of Medical Sciences Networking Grant, Global Challenges Research Fund.
    • 2019 – Programme Coordinator, “Views from the Frontline 2019 in West Java, Indonesia”
    • 2019 - Research Assistant, “The Role of Actors in Maintaining the Renewable Energy Development in Sumba Island/Peran Aktor dalam Menjaga Perkembangan Energi Terbarukan di Pulau Sumba”. ITB Research Grant 2019.
    • 2018 – Research Assistant, “Understanding of Urban Gas Consumer Demand in Palembang City through Agent-based Modelling”. Asahi Glass Foundation Overseas Research Grant 2018
    • 2018 – Research Assistant, “Creating Resilient and Sustainable Microgrid through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems” in collaboration with Leeds University. EPSRC Research Grant, Global Challenges Research Fund
    • 2018 – Research Assistant, “Extending Seismic Cities Concept from Santiago, Chile, to Bandung, Indonesia.”, funded by Knowledge Frontiers, in collaboration with Coventry University
    • 2018 – Research Assistant, “E-shopping and online transportation research”, funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia.
Consultancy Projects
    • 2019 – Assistant Consultant, Plan Indonesia, “GESI and Urban Resilience”
    • 2018 – Assistant Consultant, Save the Children, “Road Side Safety for Children”
    • 2018 – Support Staff, SNV Development Organization, “Climate Vulnerability Resilience Assessment for WASH SDGs Programme”
Workshops, Seminars and Training Participation and Facilitation
    • Organized and Facilitated GNDR National Coordination Meeting Indonesia held in Padjajaran University. 12 December 2019, Bandung, Indonesia
    • Clean and Affordable Renewable Energy for Sustainable and Rural and Remote Areas through Microgrids, December 5-6, 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Training of Trainers (ToT) “Dealing with Climate Related Loss and Damage as part of Comprehensive Climate Risk Management” conducted by GIZ Germany. 11-15 November. Feldafing, Germany
    • GCRF Workshop: Climate Change Impacts on Vulnerable Communities in SE Asia – Understanding and Adaptation hosted by Heriot Watt University, Malaysia. August 2019, Putrajaya, Malaysia
    • GNDR Asia Regional Workshop, 19-21 August, Bangkok, Thailand
    • 55 th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, September 2019, Jakarta
    • Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan (PIT) Riset Kebencanaan, Ikatan Ahli Bencana Indonesia (IABI), Bogor, Indonesia
    • Facilitated “CRESUM-HYRES Research Dissemination Workshop” in collaboration with Leeds University and East Sumba Regional Planning Agency. Held in East Sumba Regional Planning Agency, March 2019.
    • Bandung Energy mini Symposium, a Collaboration between Resilience Development Initiative and Leeds University, hosted by Widyatama University, 22 March 2019, Bandung, Indonesia
    • Bandung Disaster Mini Symposium, a collaboration between Resilience Development Initiative and Coventry University, Hosted by Padjajaran University, 23 April 2019, Bandung, Indonesia
    • SEADCORE: Disaster Resilience and the Value of Local Traditional Culture, a collaboration between Resilience Development Initiative and Lancaster University, hosted by Widyatama University, 6 February 2019, Bandung, Indonesia
    • GNDR National Coordination Meeting Indonesia, Jakarta, 2018
    • Bandung Energy Sustainability Symposium, a Collaboration between Resilience Development Initiative and Leeds University, hosted by Widyatama University 26 October 2018, Bandung, Indonesia
Organizational Experience
Year Experience

Student Welfare Division, HMPSTS, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan


  • Trainer for delivering Comprehensive Climate Risk Management training, certified by GIZ Germany
  • Certification for Local Fundraising Activities for CSOs/NGOS, certified by Smile Foundation


  • English Language General Knowledge Award from Gandhi School, 2003
  • English Language News Reading Award, 2nd Place, given while representing the district of Sawah Besar, 2006