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Dinda Primazeira
Former Staff


Research Interest

Public Policy, Sustainable Development, Studies, Social and Cultural Studies, Urban/Rural innovation System, Urban/Rural Management, Transport Management, Ecoutourism.


Dinda Primazeira is a grant officer in Resilience Development Initiative and graduated from Institute of Technology Bandung (Urban and Regional Planning).

Education Timeline

  • 2013-2015 Bachelor of Engineering

    Departement of Urban and Regional Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Working Experiences Timeline

  • 2014 Internship Student

    Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation: Being Part of Commuinty Development and Conservation Department, CSR of Artha Graha Group.

Year Experience
2016 Markisa HMP PL ITB:, Seminar and Student Association Visit to Several Organizations in Central Java Person in Charge
2015 Syukuran Wisuda Oktober HMP PL ITB, Head of Artistic Division
2015 Masa Pembinaan Anggota Baru HMP PL ITB, Member of Materials and Methods Team
2015 Syukuran Wisuda Agustus HMP PL ITB,Secretary and Licensing
Year Experience
2017 Urban Social Forum 5 Liaison Officer Volunteer
2017 Kelas Inspirasi Bandung 5 Documentator (Photographer) Volunteer
2016 Lentera Maroon: Live in Desa Cibintinu, West Java (HMP PL ITB) Live in Participant
2016 Travelling and Teaching (TNT) Bandung 7: Volunteering Act in Tasikmalaya, West Java (1000 Guru Bandung) Teacher Volunteer
2015 Blog Design and Content Training for Peace Building Initiative (Search for Common Ground) Training Participant

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