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New Article Published at Elsevier by RDI Senior Research Fellow

admin - Sep 29, 2016 09:14:21 pm 15 Views Location - Bandung, Indonesia

An International Journal article published at Elsevier by RDI Senior Research Fellow, Ari K.M. Tarigan (Cofely Fabricom GDF Suez, Norway). This journal also collaboration between Dr. Ary Samsura (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands), Dr. Saut Sagala (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia) and Ramanditya Wimbardana (Resilience Development Initiative, Indonesia)

The title of the article is 

"Balikpapan: Urban planning and development in anticipation of the post-oil industry era"


Balikpapan has grown to become one of the most important cities in Indonesia, due to its oil industry. However, with the decline in oil production and the global decrease in oil prices, the city has attempted to diversify its industrial and service activity economy. This paper assesses three key factors underlying this transformation: public policies and regulations, urban infrastructure, and knowledge creation and utilisation. Future opportunities and challenges the city may face are also discussed. In the light of urban planning and development perspectives, this study can become a lesson for other cities, especially in developing countries, which some of them may overly rely on natural resources-based economy, to anticipate the transition period after an economic boom due to natural resource endowment and its price decrease.

You can check and download this publication here:

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