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Sinabung Eruption Displaced Persons Camp Visit, Tongkoh

admin - May 27, 2016 06:06:42 am 18 Views Location - Tongkoh Village, Berastagi, Karo Regency

Figure 1. Sinabung Eruption Displaced Persons Camp, Tongkoh Village (UF)

KARO Tuesday (17/05/2016), Sinabung survey team consists of 3 RDI staffs and 1 Ukrida lecturer did a visit to a Mt. Sinabung eruption displaced persons camp in Tongkoh Village, Berastagi, Karo Regency. The visit was part of research activity about culture and community resilience of people exposed to Mt. Sinabung eruption, collaboration between RDI and Coventry University. The visit was done in the afternoon after visitation to another displaced persons camp in Korpri Residential Complex and interviews with Karo Health Agency and Karo Agriculture Agency.

Other than charity, the visit was mean to collect qualitative data by interviewing some of the IDPs living in the camp. The IDP living in this post came from Kutarayat Village, 4,1 Km from Mt. Sinabung peak point. Although the village is included in hazard zone, since it is not in the 3 Km radius, the village is not included in relocation recommendation by the Volcanology agency (PVMBG). Most of the residents expressed their discomfort of their status as "evacuated" rather than "relocated", thus many of them choose to disregard the government's appeals on staying out of their home village until the emergency response status has been revoked. People who are still able to farm move back and forth from the camp to their village, meanwhile the elders who no longer have the capability of commuting stays with the others who have daily interests such as school students. The camp's poor condition also pushes the people to return to their home village to fulfill their livelihood, making most of the camp resident children, teenagers and school students.

Tongkoh Village Displaced Persons Camp Condition (UF)

This is not the first visit made by the team, a few days before this the team has already visited the camp to hand out questionnares and make observation. Based on the initial visit to Tongkoh camp and Kutarayat Village, the team felt encouraged to pick this location as charity beneficiary. This condition of this camp is quite different than other camps previously visited by the team, this post also has the most occupant, 577 families.

Aid Handover from Research Team to Tongkoh Post (UF)

Led by Petra and Umar, the team meets up with the logistic coordinator. Aid given are in form of money in the amount of 3.500.000,00 IDR given by Umar to the post's logistic coordinator. Following that, the team also gave some leftover snacks and drinks formerly intended to be given out as small reward for completing questionnaire. The event is closed with group photo and receipt writing.

Reported by Yasmina Wulandari


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