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United Nations University (UNI-IAS) for Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Development

admin - Aug 23, 2017 07:01:42 pm 17 Views Location - Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta

Flood Training

On August 23-24, 2017, the United Nations University (UNI-IAS) for Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Development held a training about water quality entitled "Hands-on Training Workshop of Flood Inundation Modelling and Assesment for Jakarta, Indonesia" at Grand Kemang Hotel in Jakarta.

The objectives of this event is to explore feasible options for flood risk management towards improving urban water environment of Jakarta, to establish appropriate models for future flood damage assessment for policy planning and investment decisions, to contribute to policy makers and academia in their efforts to mitigate the floods in Jakarta, and partnership or collaboration and technology transfer with researchers and policy makers.

This training was led by Mohamed Kefi, Ph.D to study the impact water excess around Ciliwung River which cause flood and physical infrastructure damage, using Flo-2D software to simulate flood and determine the flood inundation model. Based on result generated by Flo-2D, the flood inundation model processed in ArcGIS to assess damage caused by flood or in other words the damage assessment is using GIS based model.

Several government organizations which also responsible for disaster risk management of Jakarta also attended to this training, this could be some improvement for them to understand the damage assessment especially damage caused by flood around Ciliwung River.

The result of the damage assessment is, vulnerability area in Jabodetabek and calculation of financial lost if the flood occur in Jakarta based on the parameters used in the model above.

Flood Water Quality

Pankaj Kumar, Ph.D. (Hydrology)

This training was led by Pankaj Kumar, Ph.D. (Hydrology) to make hydrological model of water flow using WEAP : Water Evaluation And Planning system. This design is to model water flow on Ciliwung River to find the water quality at the end of water stream network, several parameters are included in the analysis, however since this is a simple model for training only, some parameters are eliminated and users can add another parameters making the model more complex as desired to close to real world situation, both for current time analysis or predict the future condition using specific parameters.

There are so many experts attended to this training, not only practitioners, but also academia which their daily work is related to wastewater management. We shared so many informations among attendees about the WEAP application during coffee break time and it was making the understanding about the software better, especially for data input which already regulated and applied in Indonesia without using this software. The WEAP model used by UNU-IAS also indicated that climate change, population growth, and land-use change would most likely worsen the water quality in Jakarta.

Training Team


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