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Development of Transportation System and Renewable Energy in Central Europe Cities

admin - Apr 30, 2017 09:03:12 pm 20 Views Location - Vienna, Austria

Dr Ari Tarigan or called Atar, the cluster chair of Infrastructure Urban Governance, had a unique opportunity to witness the development of transportation system and renewable energy in Central Europe cities (Prague, Brno, Vienna, and Bratislava) from 8 until 17 April 2017.  He found that Vienna is really well developed and the city strongly relies on public transport mode such as bus, tram, transit. The city planning has encouraged the residents to use the electric vehicle too. Vienna`s public transport network is well integrated, so people are able to use multimodal trips for their daily commuting journeys with a very affordable price of ticket. Atar recommended Jakarta, Bandung, and other metropolitan cities that face transport challenges to learn the good experiences of Vienna when handling similar issues. In addition, Atar had a chance to visit windmill farms in the border between Austria and Slovakia. It is clear that cities in Central Europe has been in the transition phase to replace the conventional energy technology to different features of renewable energy. Lastly, Atar visited Technical University of Vienna, a leading engineering institute in Europe, including meeting two local PhD students. Atar encouraged RDI`s young scholars to consider TU Vienna as well as Vienna as their future destination when planning to pursue their graduate education. It might be also possible in the future that RDI will establish collaboration with research institutions in Central Europe.

Vienna Traffic Sign

Dr. Ari Tarigan

Brno City


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