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Developing Community-Based Tourism Concept in Geopark Ciletuh, Sukabumi Regency

admin - Oct 31, 2017 08:31:25 pm 65 Views Location - Ciletuh, Sukabumi

RDI team went to Bukit Panenjoan, part of Ciletuh Geopark in Sukabumi Regency on 31st of October to 1st of November 2017. The team held an event consist of lecture by Dr. Ayu Krishna's �Head of TCH cluster's�on tourism system and examples of Geopark practices in Tottori prefecture (JP), Merangin Jambi geopark (ID), and English Rivera Geopark (UK); followed by a group discussion, mapping the geopark's strength, weakness, opportunity, and weakness (SWOT). RDI team consists of Musyafa Syahbid, Rifky Firmansyah, Yasmina Wulandari, and Tom Lovett; event participants consist of representative of Subdistrict government, village administrators, local communities, and PAPSI (Paguyuban Alam Pakidulan Sukabumi) as tourism managers. The event has provided a connection and opportunity to further research geopark tourism management, especially in Ciletuh area.


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