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Researcher Participated in International Conference

admin - Apr 09, 2018 11:44:37 am 21 Views Location - Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia

On 2-4 April 2018, researchers and intern of RDI present their research in International Conference Planocosmo 4th "Transforming beyond Borders, Starting the New Urban Agenda" in Bandung. The event is organized by the Regional and City Planning Program, Institute Technology Bandung (ITB). The aim of ITB International Conference and Exhibition on Infrastructure Development and the Fourth Planocosmo International Conference are: to discuss about infrastructure and transportation issues in the context of New Urban Agenda (NUA),  to connect various stakeholders interested in infrastructure and urban planning, development, and innovations to market ITB strengths in infrastructure technological and policy innovations. This event had diverse speakers and participants practitioners from ministries and state owned enterprises, researchers from universities and research bodies, and also private sectors such as real estate companies and consultants. Presenters in Panel Sessions came from various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Portugal

During Presentation

On this conference, there are Yasmina Wulandari, Adryan Sasongko, Salma Humaira and Husnul Aris Alberdi who presented their results of study. Yasmina Wulandari talked about IDP in Beidar, Sinabung in this conference. Meanwhile Adryan Sasongko talked about the Geopark in Mt Batur Bali. Salma presented about the perception of communities about biodigester. Husnul Aris Alberdi presented the result of the study related to biogas and waste management in Lembang. In addition our fellows also joined in this conference. In fact, several of them also presented their research such as Dr Riela presented about the families friendly city.

 Salma Humaira (RDI Intern)

The event was an opportunity for RDI, to strengthen RDI's networking with researchers and practitioners around the world and also to gain more knowledge on various research topics presented within the seminar.


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