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Wrap Up of Forum Group Discussion of Counseling on Nature-Based Solution Concepts for Flood Mitigation in Bandung City

admin - Dec 11, 2020 08:10:26 pm 225 Views Location - Bandung City

RDI collaborated with Institut Teknologi Bandung and Dinas Tata Ruang Kota Bandung to hold a Group Discussion Forum on Counselling the Concept of Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Mitigation in Bandung City on Thursday, 5th of November 2020. This Forum Group Discussion contained the discussion and sharing in flood disaster mitigations in Bandung, including the delivery or preliminary results on Nature-based Solutions and its application in Bandung as a form of flood mitigation as well as the formulation of actions and challenge. This FGD featured two speakers, the first one was Dr. Saut Sagala as a speaker from Institute of Technology Bandung, who delivered the explanation of the implementation of Nature-Based Solution in Bandung. The second one was Yuni Sri Handayani as a representative of Bandung City Spatial Planning Office (DISTARU Kota Bandung) who explained the materials about the government's program in supporting the implementation of the Nature-Based Solution. This FGD was also moderated by Aria Mariany from Institute of Technology Bandung. 

Nature-Based Solutions Concept

Sumber: Monty et al., 2016

This FGD activity was motivated by two things, namely the lack of conservation land and the potential for major flooding. The shortage of conservation land itself is based on the very rapid growth and migration activities to urban areas that encourage ecosystem damage and loss of various species and water resource crises, and the riskiest is flooding. Then the second one is related to the potential for major flooding. Frequent flooding is the result of a lack of Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH). The purpose of holding this activity is to socialize the concept of Nature-Based Solution which is a solution that is inspired and supported by nature, which is cost effective, simultaneously provides environmental, social and economic benefits, and helps resilience. Nature-based solutions are to protect and manage an ecosystem that is inspired and supported by nature in order to provide prosperity to society. Dr. Saut Sagal explained that until now there have been several countries that have succeeded in implementing the Nature-Based Solution concept, namely the Putrajaya Wetland in Malaysia, the Pahing River restoration in the Philippines, and the Green Building concept in Ho Chi Minh City.

This discussion forum was attended by several stakeholders related to the implementation of NBS in Bandung City such as BAPPEDA West Java, BBWS Citarum, Dinas Penataan Ruang Kota Bandung, etc. There are several important points from the discussion of the FGB NBS, namely the need for a change in the NBS paradigm in society. multisectoral contributions, as well as considerations from an economic point of view. In addition, academics also have an important role in the implementation of NBS, which is related to further studies supported by private or private parties. "The NBS FGD activity is evidence that universities are 'present' in the community by making a real contribution to flood management that prioritizes aspects of sustainable development. We hope that this kind of collaboration will continue in the future along with the complexity of the problems in Bandung. "Said Yuni Sri Handayani, S.T., M.T., M.Eng". as a representative from the Bandung City Spatial Planning Office in his testimony regarding the NBS FGD.

Group Picture of FGD Participants

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