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Wrap-Up of Pop Up Discussion Series #5 Perspective of Non-State Actors (Session 2)

admin - Nov 16, 2020 10:34:51 am 110 Views Location - RDI Indonesia YouTube Live

RDI Urban Refugees Research Group has conducted the fifth series of Pop Up Discussion (PUD) Series on Friday, 9 October 2020. This fifth PUD features four speakers, Hernowo Poetranto JB as a representative of Sayangi Tunas Cilik (STC) Foundation, Andi Yudha Yunus, a representative of Lembaga Studi Kebijakan Public (LSKP) Makassar, Livia Talisa Onggo as a representative from Selaras dan Peduli Kasih (SELASIH), and Nimo Adam, a refugee and also a representative of the Sisterhood Community Center. This PUD was moderated by Dr. Akino.

Hernowo Poetranto presents one of STC programs entitled Program for Refugee. This program was established in 2018 with two main objectives, namely improving and strengthening child protection mechanisms and building resilience of refugee children. This program has been prepared primarily for unaccompanied refugee children living in Children's Home, with foster parents as well as semi-independent living outside the shelter. The next targeted subjects are children and local communities living in the vicinity of refugees housing, including community leaders, and lastly, village officials in the areas where refugee children live.

Andi Yudha Yunuas as the second speaker shares useful information related to the program a mentoring program for refugee children in the shelter conducted by LSKP and IOM Makassar, namely "Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMC) & Vulnerable Women Migrant's in Makassar". The target participants are a refugee group consisting of 40 men and 10 women. The types of activities are informal education, language training, handcrafting, entertainment and sports, social activities, and also youth activities.

The third speaker, Livia Talisa Onggo, a student majoring in Communication Studies at LSPR, shared her experience working with refugees. Her interest in refugee issues since she was in high school led her to join the volunteer community called "Selaras dan Peduli Kasih" or SELASIH. SELASIH is a local community that focuses on social and humanitarian issues. Some SELASIH members live in the Kalideres area and often see refugees around Kalideres. Therefore, they decided to contribute to helping the refugees living on the side of Kalideres road. SELASIH had also conducted several activities aimed to educate the community about the issue of refugees. SELASIH program and activities are mainly to collaborate with Puskesmas, hospitals, and relevant NGOs in providing health services to refugees in Kalideres as well as formal and informal education services for refugees.

The fourth speaker, Nimo Adam, is a female refugee from Somalia who has lived in Jakarta for four years. As one of the founders of the Sisterhood Women's Empowerment Center in Jakarta, Nimo also leads the refugee community, especially female refugees. Nimo is also active as a volunteer teacher and translator. Nimo aspires to be a writer who can influence women. Nimo hopes that she can reveal the social and cultural problems faced by refugees, including refugee children through writing.


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