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RDI’s Contribution To Indonesia’s Education Sector Through Guidelines For Learning From Home

admin - Jun 08, 2020 08:22:12 am 25 Views Location - RDI Office Bandung, Indonesia

RDI's team of consultants working in conjunction with UNICEF assisted the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in drafting guidelines for Learning From Home (LFH) implementation as a response from the national education sector to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

On May 18, 2020, the guidelines were published by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Circular Letter No. 15/2020 about Guidelines in Organizing Learning from Home in the Emergency Period of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Spreading.

The guidelines were made in order to maintain the education quality by creating a unified interpretation of the LFH method for all the elements and stakeholders involved in the national education system who previously struggled to shift from conventional learning to a more distant and digital learning method. The guidelines are expected to assist teachers and education providers in delivering equal education quality for their students.

The current educational inequality in Indonesia pertains to the teaching infrastructure and quality of teachers which has been an issue since the start of the LFH period.  Thus, this guidance is expected to fill the gap. The guidance covers not only the learning method, but it also tries to address the problem at every level including local education authorities, teachers, students and it even includes parents/guardians.     

Distance learning will rely upon 2 distinct delivery methods: online (daring) and offline (luring). The online method will involve electronic gadgets and tools such as laptops, classroom applications, etc. As different areas in Indonesia has different levels of access towards digital learning infrastructures and tools, education officials will also utilize the national television channel and radio channel as education delivery systems for schools that do not have stable or continued access to digital tools. This even involves semi-regular visits from teachers to the students homes to monitor and evaluate their progress and to resolve corresponding issues related to their education delivery method.

You can access the resource here, from the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

RDI's involvement demonstrates our dedication in aligning our research and consultancy programs to help address issues revolving around COVID-19. During this pandemic crisis, RDI tries to address multidimensional aspects related to the COVID-19 outbreak. You can find more information, including the mentioned guidance on our K-HUB COVID-19 page.


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