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Water and the City Conference

admin - Feb 18, 2020 06:38:00 am 13 Views Location - Singapore

RDI director, Elisabeth Rianawati, presenting the paper

A very advanced initiative from Asian Research Institute was conducted through a mini conference from 6 to 7 February 2020. RDI director and senior researcher, Elisabeth Rianawati, was invited to the “Water and the City” conference in Singapore which was organised by Prof. Kong Chong Ho, Associate Prof. Ching Leong and Dr. Corrine Ong of National University of Singapore (NUS). In addition, our director also presented her paper with the topic of, “Water in Highland: Perception of Urban Dwellers to Flooding in Bandung City”

Other speakers in the conference

The conference covered different perspectives of water management: social, cultural, governance and technical. One of the sessions touched state of the art on floating city; a session touched on raising good water management awareness through museum and music, a session touched on impact of climate change on urban water management. We also visited the Marina Barrage and were shown the integrated water supply and flood management as well as gallery of climate change awareness for education purpose. Generous amount of discussions among participants was also occurred throughout the conference, which led to further potential collaboration. On behalf of RDI, we really would like to thank Asia Research Institute for the wonderful opportunity.


                                                                     Visit to Marina barrage


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