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Enhancing the NNGS Community Knowledge through the Capacity Building Session

admin - Sep 24, 2021 06:20:25 pm 50 Views Location - RDI Indonesia

In late of  July 29 2021, RDI  conducted a training titled Understanding Climate Change, Roles, and Adaptive Capacity of Non-Normative Gender and Sexuality Communities. The trainers were Dr. Elizabeth A.S Dewi (Parahyangan Catholic University), Doni Marmer, M.Env. (The University of Melbourne), and Anggun Pradesha (Inklusi Transperempuan (INTAN)). Moderated by Dana Azhari. The discussion session was divided into two groups, each group of the NNGS community was given various questions. 

The questions include some of the following; "What are the risks associated with disasters in each area?". Ririn answered how from an economic perspective, the income of community members is affected. From a social point of view, in terms of interaction, it affects the stigma that arises from the impact of climate change itself. Usually the high rainfall is often blamed by our own group (NNGS). For example, because we were making up 2, this resulted in us being scapegoated because of the change in weather. The next question; "What role can colleagues play in reducing climate change risks?". Mikha Kebaya Foundation answered how reforestation of Andong Mountain in Magelang in collaboration with the environmental service as well, we also support Purworejo friends because in the wadas area a dam will be built, and residents will lose their livelihoods, nature is also damaged because there is an andesite mine. The last question was; "What are the obstacles/barriers faced so far in the participation of colleagues in climate change adaptation efforts?". Kikie answered that In Aceh there are quite a lot of obstacles, capacity building for climate change has never existed, even though climate change and phenomena are always there, now the problem is that friends in Aceh have never received this training, especially for fellow friends/communities first, because they are LGBT people. This is often blamed if there is this natural phenomenon, so what is also important is how to protect yourself from the impact of disasters or social impacts when this natural phenomenon occurs.

What could be concluded from this event was how the NNGS community feel that they have been scapegoated because they are blamed for the environmental problems, even though it is as natural as nature falling apart within time. 

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