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A Comprehensive Discussion on The Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development in Sumba

Admin - Mar 15, 2022 01:23:44 pm 48 Views Location - Zoom & Youtube RDI Platform

Sumba island is one of the least-developed regions in Indonesia, which issues have been addressed through various renewable energy programs implemented by the government and other development actors. The energy demand on this sparsely electrified island is increasing linearly to regional economic development and population growth. In acknowledgment of all of the points stipulated above, Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) from Indonesia, Leeds University from the United Kingdom, CREEC from Uganda, and Dar Es Salam University from Tanzania collaborated on research titled: "Creating resilient sustainable microgrids through hybrid renewable energy systems'' in 2019.  The research’s results were then presented in the webinar Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development in Sumba that was held on Wednesday, 9 March 2022.


In this webinar, Yudha Prambudia, Ph.D., Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) became the moderator who successfully moderate the whole event. There were three presenters who each brought a different topic according to the theme. Dr Cheng Wen School of Geography, University of Leeds presented about the Household willingness to pay for improving electricity services in Sumba Island, Indonesia: A choice experiment under a multi-tier framework. Next, there was Hafidz Wibisono, PhD(c) from School of Geography, University of Leeds who discussed on The expected and perceived benefit of electricity: case of Sumba. Last but not least, Dr Niken Prilandita from School of Architecture, Planning, & Policy Development ITB shared about Lessons Learned from Community-based Renewable Energy Business Model in East Sumba, Indonesia. After the presentation time, it was followed by discussant session by Dr Adipapa Pandarangga, Kepala Sub Bagian Program, Evaluasi dan Perencanaan Sumba Timur and Laily Himayati, Collaboration and Networking Lead MENTARI Programme of Yayasan Hivos. It was such a pleasant time during the sharing session among the discussant and participants, especially after the Q&A session was held. 


Overall, we had such a great time during the webinar and there were lots of new perspectives and insights on rural electrification and renewable energy development in Sumba. Hopefully, all the participants can also absorb those new lessons.


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