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Nature-based Solutions: The Answer for the Environmental Future is Here

Martha Verena, Danang Azhari - Jul 13, 2022 03:45:57 pm 66 Views Location - Westin Hotel

Nature-based solutions or better known as Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are approaches that aim to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems to effectively and adaptively address community challenges, while providing benefits for human well-being and biodiversity. Unfortunately, this approach has not been widely adopted by cities in Indonesia, while offering a cost-effective solution that simultaneously delivers environmental, social, and economic benefits to cities. Currently, the relevant agencies in DKI Jakarta Province have various NbS-based programs, namely the integration of natural functions in the form of parks and multifunctional green open spaces (RTH) that can assist flood management and also collaborating with WRI Indonesia as the Cities4Forests secretariat in Indonesia to conduct an analysis of flood events in Jakarta. 



From the programs implemented, there was discussion and evaluation regarding what efforts have been made, and what needs to be improved, which was conducted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 at Westin Hotel. This event accommodated discussion on NBS for Jakarta, especially for net-zero and climate resilience. It was initially started with an opening speech from Mr. Afan Adriansyah, Asisten Pembangunan Lingkungan Hidup, Pemerintah Provinsi DKI Jakarta and Mr. Arief Wijaya (Program Direktur WRI Indonesia). Then, it was continued with presentations from several speakers and discussants, such as Dewi Rezalini Anwar, an expert on Green Open Space as Urban NbS, and Yudhistira S. Pribadi a representative from WRI Indonesia who discussed the past and current works of mitigation flood using NbS. There was also Eko Cahyono from the city forest park service who discussed government policies, results in mapping analysis, and green space development strategy. RDI, represented by Danang Azhari (Deputy Program Manager)  was heavily involved in the discussion, delivering our findings from research on the pre-implementation of NBS for urban resilience and research on Jakarta Net-zero 2024. 


After the discussion session was ended, it was then followed by a park visit and exploration where the participants were invited to the Taman Langsat, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.  The participants and WRI were accompanied by DKI Jakarta Provincial Parks and Forest Service which explained some of the measures to reduce flood risk and also benefit the community in the Taman Langsat. In the park, the participant explored what have done by the government as a part of NbS and also what would be established as a part of the revitalization of the park for enhancing the use of NBS. In conclusion, RDI was incredibly pleased to be able, present, participate, and contribute to this public consultation. Hopefully, there will be more frequent activities similar to this which also will involve more diverse participants, especially from the public or communities so they will have a say in giving suggestions or evaluations regarding the existing policies or programs especially related to NbS.