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GPDRR 2022 Main Event | 25 May 2022

Admin - Jun 03, 2022 07:10:48 pm 141 Views Location - GPDRR

The main events of GPDRR 2022 has already conducted on 25 - 27 May 2022. RDI, with such an honour, is beyond grateful to take contributions during this incredible event. Here are our recaps about the first day of the event!


1. GP2022 Official Opening Ceremony

The 7th session of GPDRR has officially opened!

The panelist highlighted that there’s hope for the future, hence we’re here to discuss how to achieve this in the future, from risk to resilience. The Indonesian government offers a resilient sustainable concept that includes anticipative, responsive, and adaptive. Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo also highlighted the need for resilience for a better life today and tomorrow.


2. Where do we stand? Global and regional perspectives on implementing the Sendai Framework

This was a high-level dialogue: Global and Regional Perspectives on implementing Sendai Framework  Malini Mehra from Globe International lead the discussion as a Moderator of this dialogue. This was marked as the start of GPDRR 2022. This session aimed to explore progress towards global, regional, and local opportunity, the challenge in disaster risk reduction, and also the commitment for the Sendai Framework as the midterm point will come soon and we’re currently on track to achieve the target of the Sendai Framework. The panelist from the various ministries around the world highlighted that climate change and pandemic has added the complexity of risk, hence this challenge contributes to the Sendai framework target. The panelist also highlighted the urgency to strengthen the resilience of the displaced community. Therefore, we need a commitment to multi-level governance and an advanced and innovative measure to overcome this risk and achieve the Sendai Framework target by 2030.