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admin 64 Views 2021 Endline Study Consultancy

End-Line Evaluation Sinergi Project

Researcher : 

Medhiansyah PutraBelia Ega AvilaAnastasya Lavenia

Team Member : 

Dr. Ayu KrishnaYusra TebeMedhiansyah Putra


World Vision has been implementing a one-year project named SinerGi Phase II. The main purpose of this project is to strengthen community resilience by managing risks and impact caused by disasters per the Indonesian National Government Disaster Management Plan 2015-2019. This project will produce three Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) outcomes, including: (1) Community awareness building; (2) Capacity building; and (3) Public-private partnership.

The main objective of this end-line evaluation is to analyze the level of achievement of the project goals, objectives and results, and to understand how those results have been achieved throughout the SinerGi project.

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