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GNDR YEU Views from the Frontline

Team Leader :

Dr. Saut Sagala


Team Member :

Dana AzhariMedhiansyah PutraFahmi Rizki Fahroji, Fachriey Mungkasa


Location :



Source of Funding :

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)



Views from the Frontline (VFL) is a collaboration between RDI, GNDR & YEU which aims to identify community understanding of disaster risk so that the necessary action plans can be found in reducing disaster risk in the surrounding environment. RDI was responsible to implement the assessment in the Bandung City and West Bandung Regency, West Java. Bandung was chosen as a location for the program because its prone to disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc.

Several activities have been conducted since 2019, such as data collection through questionnaires and focus group discussion (FGD), workshops, community action plans and monitoring as well as evaluation. 


Aims and Objectives

The aims of the VFL are to assist the community in developing joint collaboration in preparing action plans, to provide guidance in preparing community-based action plans and to determine the timing of activities as a follow-up to the disaster resilience action plans that have been prepared.




- Bandung City (Tamansari & Ciumbeuleuit Districts)

- West Bandung Regency (Pagerwangi & Jambudipa Districts)

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