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Research on Young Enterpreneur and Green Economic Recovery

Team Leader :

Dr. Ayu Krishna


Team Member :

Rickdy Vanduwin, Fahmi Fahroji


Location :



Source of Funding :

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along some multifaceted challenges to the livelihood of so many across the globe. The recession and limitations created by the COVID-19 conditions have had a major impact on business growth in Indonesia. Based on the research by UNDP, two-thirds of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) took in less revenue during the pandemic, while more than 80% had lower profit margins during COVID. More than 53% of MSMEs experienced a decrease in asset value. In another research, 80% of youth entrepreneurs in Indonesia reported a negative impact of COVID-19 on their business which resulted in nearly 25% of businesses having to close down. To respond to this, research is needed to map and find out the conditions of youth entrepreneurs in Indonesia, how the pandemic has impacted youth entrepreneurs that focus on green economic recovery, and how they maintain the contribution towards green economic recovery efforts.


  • Identify how the youth led enterprises ecosystem is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic especially that focus on green and sustainable sectors.
  • Identify how youth led enterprise supporting green economic and how young entrepreneurs contribute to the economy;
  • Identify and assess the existing strategic coordination across government institution and stakeholder and its enabling environment to support youth led enterprises on green focus;
  • Provide the policy recommendation for Indonesia's green economic recovery progress as well as how youth green and sustainable sectors can be strengthened and its support to the youth enterprises that focus on green and sustainable sectors.

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