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Learning from Home Guidance as part of the Comprehensive Safe Schools Protocol in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Yusra TebeRenza Furqon


After the prolonged of lockdown measures to contain COVID-19 the Government of Indonesia begin to show some consideration to reopen most of country's economy, similar considerations are also addressed to the education sector. Plan to withdraw the school closure policy which would enable in-person education process lately has been come into the light. In response to school reopening strict guideline would need to be developed and adhered to in order to promote a safe learning environment in accordance to the Comprehensive Safe School protocol. RDI was selected by UNICEF to work together with national and sub-national stakeholders in the education sector to achieve preparedness and transition for safe and effective school reopening. RDI will be involved in developing guidelines which would enable the safe transition of teachers and students back to school to resume education activities under a "new normal" school safety scenario. The guideline itself will serve as mitigation measures to reduce the risk of person-to-person virus spread during in-person education process. The guideline is expected to help school to be vigilant to mitigation measures in order to control the risk of in-school transmission.

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