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Digital Climate Risk Seminar

Researcher :

Jeeten Kumar

Team Members :

Dr. Saut SagalaAmesta RamadhaniNadiya PraninditaDana Azhari


Climate risk management is a cross-cutting issue that affects all economic sectors and social groups, it therefore requires 'mainstreaming' into development plans in all sectors and at all levels. Mainstreaming the topic of climate risks into planning and budgeting will enable organisations to ensure a more resilient and sustainable development over short and long-term. 

To support regional and local actors in addressing climate risks, the GP L&D developed and implemented capacity development measures (CRM training) in various partner countries in Central America, Africa and South East Asia since 2017. The project now aims to continue delivering the training by digital means and in a condensed version.

Therefore, it wishes to implement a short seminar (condensed version of a comprehensive climate risk management CRM training). The goal is to raise awareness and sensitise trainees from both the public and the private sector with regards to the topic of comprehensive climate risk management. 

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