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AADMER Work Program 2021-2025


Dr. Saut Sagala, Dr. Mizan Bustanul


Team Member:

Rifa Atsari, and Amesta Ramadhani.






ASEAN Member Countries


The ASEAN AADMER (Agreement on Disaster management and Emergency Response) is one of exemplification of ASEAN's strong commitment to reduce disaster losses in the region and to jointly respond to disaster emergencies. To translate the spirit of AADMER into concrete work plans, a 5-year rolling plan in a form of the AADMER Work Programme (AWP) was developed to enhance effective mechanisms on a joint response to disasters and reduce disaster risk at the regional level. The AWP 2016-2020 will enter its final year of implementation in 2020, and therefore it is important for the ACDM to start developing the upcoming AADMER Work Programme 2021-2025 for timely implementation by the ASEAN Member States starting from January 2021. RDI was chosen by ASEAN secretariat, to carry out a joint consultancy for the drafting of the AADMER Work Program 2021-2025. The focus of drafting AADMER Work Programme is on risk assessment, early warning systems, prevention and mitigation, disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The project itself is still on-going and targeted to finish at the end of the 2020. The development of this work programme will heavily rely on the assessment of level of accomplishment towards the ASEAN Vision 2025 on Disaster Management and ASEAN's international role in disaster management and emergency response under the spirit of One ASEAN One Response within and outside the region. Furthermore, the drafting process shall also highlight a whole-of-society approach, and chart a comprehensive direction for ASEAN cooperation in its concerted efforts with other ASEAN mechanisms and international actors in the areas of disaster management, emergency response and humanitarian assistance.

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