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Clean Cities, Blue Oceans: Women and 3R/Solid Waste Management in Semarang Study

Team Leader :

Dr. Elisabeth Rianawati


Team Member :

Wilda Mazidaturrizka, Maya Larasati


Location :



Source of Funding :



CCBO is the Agency’s flagship program to respond to the global crisis of marine plastic pollution. On July 30, 2020, CCBO was awarded $3 million in Women’s Economic Empowerment funding to implement its Women in Waste’s Economic Empowerment (WWEE) activity in the Philippines (Metro Manila) and in Semarang, Indonesia. WWEE will create a new support, training, and incubator network for women in Metro Manila’s and Indonesia’s solid waste management (SWM) and recycling sectors to establish or grow their businesses. WWEE will provide training, mentorship, and access to capital for women entrepreneurs in SWM who need more business expertise, wider, strategic professional networks, and access to credit to start or grow their businesses, as well as business opportunities. WWEE focuses on women at the lowest levels of the SWM value chain (waste pickers and junk dealers or workers in junk shops), as well as women with waste upcycling / repurposing businesses, and will also increase the number of women SWM business owners with opportunities to access larger markets or public sector contracts.


The objective of this assignment is to complete Phase one of a two-phase formative research study. The second phase will be contracted to an organization and will involve qualitative and quantitative research. This literature review will serve as the basis for constructing the study and its instruments. In addition, the literature review will provide initial background information for any social and behaivor change work that CCBO may undertake in the future. 


A literature review will provide grounded information for a detailed understanding of women working in 3R/ SWM in Semarang. It was also reveal gaps in evidence that WWEE may explore later through social research.The literature review will focus on waste banks, informal waste collectors (IWCs)-- especially women IWCs, and women waste traders in Semarang. The purpose includes gaining an understanding of the key stakeholders in women and waste in Semarang.


Study Scope

  • Conduct a literature review in English and Bahasa Indonesia on waste banks, women informal waste collectors, and women waste small traders, focusing on Semarang,
  • Map the key actors for women and waste in Semarang, including municipal government, the private sectors, NGOs, and university sector.
  • Conduct a gap analysis on existing knowledge and suggest any additional research needed, if any.
  • Based on the knowledge gathered, identify needs of women working in the solid waste management value chain in Semarang, and recommend actions for WWEE to take, as well as providing a detailed stakeholder contact list.


Data Collection

  • KII/FGD, either virtually, by phone, or in-person (depending on health conditions) key stakeholders such as the local Women’s Desk, head of any IWC association that may exist, etc.
  • Desk review

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