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Platforms for the Inclusion of Non-Normative Genders and Sexualities (NNGS) in CCA Policy and Action

Researcher: Saut Sagala

Team Member: Teresa ArsantiMaora Rianti

Resilience Development Initiative (Indonesia), The University of Auckland (New Zealand), University of the Philippines Resilience Insitutes (the Philippines), Edge Effect (Australia), Samoa Fa'afafine Association (Samoa), Gender and Disaster Network (United Kingdom)

Samoa, the Philippines and Indonesia

The voices of people who claim non-normative gender and sexual (NNGS) identities have long been silenced, unheard, or, at best, insufficiently heard when it comes to designing policies and actions geared towards adapting to climate change. NNGS groups gather people who do not identify within the heteronormative and/or Western woman-man binary. These groups include LGBTIQ+ minorities as well as non-Western gender identities such as Vaka sa lewa lewa in Fiji, Fa'afafine in Samoa, Waria in Indonesia, and Bakla in the Philippines. Recent research has indicated that the members of diverse NNGS groups face unique challenges in dealing with climate change as well as other hazards. Therefore, this research underlines the objective to open up and facilitate a transcultural dialogue on CCA between people who claim NNGS identities and between NNGS groups and other stakeholders of CCA by conducting a series of three workshops.
The context of the workshop will emphasise and promote gender equality as well as the importance of recognising and promoting the rights of NNGS groups in CCA. The workshop participants will reflect similar diversity and will be approached by local CSOs in in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia and the Philippines. RDI is one of the local CSO appointed to approach and engage NNGS communities in Indonesia. The workshops will be designed around activities that facilitate the contribution of all participants in a convivial, fun and sensitive atmosphere and will be culturally appropriate and make use of flexible tools usually associated with participatory toolkits, e.g. storytelling, one-word, Johari window, carousel, matrixes, scoring and ranking, energisers and games.

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