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Resilience Development Initiative research clusters includes :

The following are research conducted by RDI :

Constructing a Shared Identity: Engaging Youth in Creative Placemaking for Social Integration of Urban Refugees in Indonesi

2019 | CSWH

Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Addressing Disaster Insurance in Indonesia

2019 | DCR

Indonesia Regional Science Association

Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo)

2019 | REER

European Union

Examining Identity and Belonging of Youth Descendants of Japanese-Indonesian International Marriages Living in Japan and Indonesia: A Comparison

2019 | CSWH

Sumitomo Foundation

Child Protection

2019 | CSWH

Resilience Development Initiative

Palm Oil in the ASEAN Region

2019 | REER

ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST) Cooperation

School Hygiene Management

2019 | CSWH

Resilience Development Initiative

Comprehensive Study of Settlement Micro Climate as Mitigation for Urban Heat Island

2018 | RUP


Social Investment and the Implementation of the Village Fund

2018 | TCH

Resilience Development Initiative