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Shopping Travel Behaviour

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RDI opens an internship program for scholars who are interested in pursuing pursue research on shopping travel-activity behaviour. This research will focus on how shopping travels (grocery and non-grocery) can support urban sustainability. Retailers, transport service providers, and policy makers are encouraged to consider environmentally friendly travel behaviour (e.g., delivery services offered by retailers would induce the use of public transport, walking and cycling). The study aims to contribute a deeper understanding of the drivers of consumer travel behaviour and their complex and hidden interrelations. The study attempts to uncover direct and indirect factors of shopping travel behaviour through both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study tends to explore typology of shoppers, characterizing shopper types by shopping trip planning and the needs of different transport modes among shoppers.

The study will be guided by several research questions such as: How regularly do shoppers travel? How far do they travel? Which days are the most preferable for shopping? Which mode do they choose? Why? What are the relationships between buying online and buying in person? Also, what are the impacts of the rise of an online-based taxi on shopping travel behaviour?

While extensive studies have been done in developed countries regarding shopping travel behaviour, little is known about a similar issue for the developing countries context. In fact, a large number of the urban population are located in developing countries. At the same time, economic growth in such dynamic countries has also increased significantly. Hence, it may be fruitful to examine shopping travel behaviour the context of developing countries cities such as Bandung and Jakarta.

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