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Extending the Seismic Cities intervention from Santiago, Chile to Bandung, Indonesia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Community and City Resilience to Seismic Risk

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Seismic Cities is an interdisciplinary GCRF-funded research collaboration between the UK and Chile from January 2017 to December 2017. The project has the long-term aim to address the sustainable cities and communities challenge in urban and nearby rural regions prone to earthquake hazards by increasing resilience to such seismic shocks. The concept builds upon the Cities on Volcanoes framework promoting multidisciplinary applied research & linking physical scientists with city authorities, emergency managers, academics, artists & local communities. By bringing together diverse actors in a specific “Seismic City”, the approach has the potential to be a powerful intervention to strengthen preparedness efforts in developing nations. We will combine research findings and artistic representations of the San Ramon fault in Santiago, Chile with new data and art works generated in Bandung, Indonesia to raise awareness about the Lembang fault, which has been recently recognised as active and capable of having major earthquakes.